Wig store app

I attempted to create an online buying app….. and this is everything that went wrong with it.

In the beginning, I found out that the app was not going to be exactly how I wanted it because of the software we were using. It wasn’t capable of creating small menu screens (1.5 screens). I grew disappointed. But, I had no choice but to continue the app. Instead of what I planned to make, I created a dummy app. I was partially successful in creating it for the most part, although, it had some challenges. But, In replacement of the 1.5 screen, i made a regular screen just for the menu.

In replacement of the 1.5 screen, i made a regular screen just for the menu.

Menu Screen:

Next, I completely forgot that MIT must have a screen titled “screen1” (the first screen you create). And the first screen i thought of was the home screen o the app even though i had plans to make a log in page where you type your user name and password and another page before that, with a simple picture and a log in button.

What should have been my screen 1:

Screen that the log in button takes you to after clicking:

In this screen i used a tiny database to create the user name and password but i did not create a variety of accounts, i simply created one. I was thinking of doing a screen that will let the user create their own account but that was way too elaborate.

What my Screen 1 actually was, aka “home screen” screen that you were supposed to be on after actually logging in:

The Hamburger button icon is the icon for the button menu that leads you o the screen menu. The hair image is the image for the button that leads you to the “product overview screen”. I only have 2 products but, i was planning to make at least 5. this failed because MIT can only have a certain amount of screens and if you exceed that amount, the app will malfunction.

For the cart screen, i had to make sure that when you clicked the “add to cart” button on the product overview screen,

It added the item to the “cart” screen list view:

This is on the “product overview” screen. I had to add a database to the components of “product overview” screen to make a list viewable on all screeens.
This is on the “cart” screen. I had to add a database to the components of “cart” screen so the list from the “product overview” was viewable on “cart” .

And when the product shows up on the “Cart” list view screen, after clicking the “pay” button, it will take you to the login screen. If the username and password is correct on this screen, it will take you to the “pay” screen, and after entering a card number and pin, it will play a “ding” sound i added by adding a sound component in the “Pay” screen then uploading a sound that was previously on my computer from a youtube video i converted using https://ytmp3.cc/ . After clicking the buy button, media will play then take you to the “order history” screen which will show what you just “purchased”.

I also added a notifier to the components of both of the “product overview” screens that asks “do you want to continue?” and closes the app when “NO” is clicked.

Next, I added a database to the “log in” screen and made the username and password “user1” so when login button was pressed it can only take you to the next screen if what was typed in the username and password field were both “user1”.

After you log in, the account information, shows up in the “Account” screen:

I tried to put Username: user1 password: user1 in the tag, but it wouldnt let me, so i just settled for User1 instead. I did this by using the same concept for the order history and cart.
This is on the “login” screen
This is on the “accountinfoscreen”

This is everything wrong with my app and thanks for reading.