Yikes was a game that I designed using a mario sprite but I didn’t get very far with this app compared to what I thought I could do. I wish I had more time to work on it. This game utilizes a gravity formula and sprites.

This is the title screen and I added buttons and a label for the title. I added a mario sprite as well to the title screen.

This is the code for the title screen. If you hit new game the database clears.

In this screen I have a life counter, a mario and goomba sprite, and a pause/resume button. 

This is the code for saving the game. The database will keep track of every variable.

This is the code for the first level.


Reflection: I wish I could have done more with this app and I should have asked the teacher for help. I also wish I could have gotten more done by myself.  I still accomplished many things but I should have done more.

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