Forbidden Forest 4

Forbidden forest 4 is a fan spin off of a very old and obscure series that involves shooting spooky enemies with a bow to clear levels.

One thing you may notice is that all of the pixel art is original, I spent a good portion of my time in this project creating art for the game as I did not want to use any non original sprites which is convenient anyways since it can fit my exact specifications.

I tried to put a good amount of my time in the visuals and little quality effects that make the app feel slightly more professional. For example my menu, victory, and game over screens use a timer to cycle colors between shades of green, blue, and red (Correlating with which screen it is) green = Menu, blue=victory & red=game over. The code for this effect is shown below.
Everytime the timer goes off (1 ms) the blue value in the shade of red either decreases or increases changing the shade of color either darker or lighter over time. Once it reaches a certain limit of darkness or lightness it will change in the opposite direction.


This project was a very ambitious one in my opinion with a space invaders type style of enemies scrolling down the screen and original art. One of the issues I encountered was some issues with changing screens. In the testing phase changing screens was an issue as I could not go from any screen into the game screen but these issues stopped once I built the app. After building the app other issues popped up such as the game over screen popping up over and over again (Which was likely a looping issue) These issues could have been fixed if I had stayed a bit more focused in class and worked them out sooner rather than later.

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